When we first started AllSpice, one of the biggest challenges and biggest joys was creating the list of spice labels. We gathered spice lists from all the best specialty spice shops, websites and books about spices herbs and blends. From there we culled and curated to create a list meant to be comprehensive, but also inspiring. We knew we couldn't cover everything that would be in everyone's rack (which is why we offer custom labels for those who have truly unique spices), but we wanted to cover most of the common spices, allow for variations and include some fun and interesting  ethnic and specialty spices. We hope that these labels inspire our customers to seek out new flavor experiences and maybe add a few exciting new things to their racks.

Over the years we have grown the list from 154 to 280 unique labels-- and the list keeps growing. It is hard to stop when there are so many fun and interesting possibilities pop up every day.

Below are some of our favorite unique spices. Hopefully one of these inspires you to try something different and add a new spice to your rack!

Advieh- Spice mixture used in Iranian and Iraqi cuisine. It is made with cinnamon, rose, cardamom, cumin and nutmeg.

Baharat- Spice mixture used in Middle Eastern cuisine. It is made with coriander, black peppercorn, paprika and several other spices.

Curry Leaf- The leaf of the curry tree. Curry leaf is used in Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine.

Duqqa- An Egyptian condiment consisting of herbs, nuts and spices. Used in a dip with bread.

Furikake- A dry Japanese seasoning sprinkled on rice, vegetables or fish.

Gochugaru- A blend of red pepper flakes used in Korean cooking.

Gomashio- A dry Japanese condiment, similar to Furikake, made with unhulled sesame seeds.

Grains of Paradise- A peppery flavored seed used in West and North African cuisine.

Hing- Another name for Asafetida, Hing is made from the resin of giant fennel plants and used in Indian cooking.

Kala Jeera- Black cumin seeds used in the Middle East and Northern India.


Written by Leah Sugar
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