HausLogic is a family-owned, Wisconsin-based company. We design innovative, high-quality products that will streamline your life and expand your creative potential!  Founded in 2014 with the revolutionary AllSpice Spice Rack, each year we continue to add dozens of other innovative products that are a pleasure to work with and will last a lifetime.

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Apples to Apples: Our family’s business legacy

Before HausLogic and AllSpice were even in our dreams, our family had another business with a much renowned success: Apples to Apples. In 1998 we started a small board game publishing company called Out of the Box in Madison, Wisconsin. Over the next decade the company developed dozens of wonderful family-style board games and grew to international scale with the success of Apples to Apples.

We are proud to have been part of American business history and to have brought joy to so many families and friends around the world. We are still a game-playing family, but have switched gears to all of the other things that bring people together.


History of the AllSpice Rack

The story of the AllSpice rack started, as so many things do: trying to solve a problem. Spice racks on the market were too small, had poor labeling, and were simply not well designed. A new rack was needed for the heavy-duty, globe-spanning cooking of the modern home chef.  


In 2014 Max Osterhaus went into the workshop intent on building his way out of these annoyances and thus was born the first AllSpice rack. After multiple iterations and improvements, the design found its final form and Max joined with his family to bring his creation to the world.

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When the AllSpice rack hit the market, the world of spice storage was taken to a new level. With 30 or 60 jars, all easily visible, and hundreds of easily-to-read labels (compared to the 30-40 that were available before), home cooks could keep their entire spice collection out of the cupboard and at their fingertips!